As we know everyone uses Whatsapp for personal and business communication. 

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used applications around the world. We can see that this application is available on every mobile device. 

We also use WhatsApp daily to communicate with family and freind. But we can't get much more features in WhatsApp official. Bored daily layout. If we talk about Aero WhatsApp we find different layouts. 

Today we will review Aero WhatsApp which modded version of the official WhatsApp. In this article, we have highlighted features of this app stay with article end.

What Is Aero WhatsApp:

Aero WhatsApp is one mere redesign app version of the official WhatsApp. Usually, all redesign applications have the same similarity features. But the difference between them is designed by different developers. This app has the same features as GB WhatsApp, OG WhatsApp. This app is famous for its home screen layout that gives you a new expression. 

Features of Aero WhatsApp:

Privacy feature

Freeze last seen:

You can able to Freeze you last seen. When the time of you freeze the last seen your contact only able to see that time only, Not the present time.

Hide blue tick:

You can also able to hide your blue tick in chat. the sender of messages never knows you receive the message.

Show blue tick after reply:

If you are busy with some work and not have time to reply, Enable this feature, and read the message. When you are free with your work you reply to them. When you reply blue tick will appear on to the sender chat screen.

Hide viewed status:

You can hide the viewed status. This feature will help you to watch contact stories without knowing them.

Anti delete message and status:

If you are chatting with a freind and your freind deletes the message. The message will still available in your chat.
Someone of your cantact put the story and delete it. The sorry still appear in your status section.

Chat screen features.
Hide profile:

You can hide the profile of your cantct from the chat screen. |After you able this feature the name only shows off your cantact. The profile picture will disappear.

Set wallpaper per cantact: 

WhatsApp official allows you to set the wallpaper on the chat screen for all contact. But does not allow you to set a different wallpaper for a different chat. But the AeroWA allows set the wallpaper for different contact. 

Hide date-time name:

You know the problem when we copy multiple messages. The date-time and sender's name also comes with the copying message. To hide name and time you can simply use this app feature copy two messages similarly.

Home screen feature.

Text size:

Change the text size of the home screen.  AeroWA allows you to adjust the text size of the home screen.

Set your name on the home screen:

You can set your name on the Home screen. This feature allows you to change that name home screen. 

Change icon:

Board with WhatsApp icon wants to try something new this app gives you the different icon of WhatsApp change icon daily.

Technical Information:

FilenameAero Whatsapp
File size46 MB
latest versionV 12.0.03
supported versionAndroid V5  above
LanguageEnglish more

Aero WhatsApp download:

Final Words:

I think you know everything about Aero WhatsApp from this article. AeroWA is the best redesign application. That gives you the freedom of enjoying the features. developer added many privacy customizations, a new user interface, and Anti ban, and more. why are you waiting for just download? You can also check GB WhatsApp, GB Instagram