Nowadays, WhatsApp is mainly used for communication. You will not access some features in official WhatsApp like you can't forward messages to more than five contacts.

If you are interested in your WhatsApp with extra features, then FM WhatsApp for you FM WhatsApp is a modified version of official WhatsApp. The developer design it for to access to some additional features that describe in below.   

What is FM WhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp is a redesign application like GB WhatsApp, GB Instagram. All redesign applications develop for extra features. Using a redesign application, you can visualize more expression and cool features not available in the official App. This App provides freedom of customization.

The original version of WhatsApp provides you to hide the last seen that you can turn off your last seen on WhatsApp. But you won't be able to see others last seen.

But in the unique feature in FM WhatsApp will allow you to see other last seen. While others won't ready to know once you were on WhatsApp last seen.

Features of FM WhatsApp:

Block specific contact:

If someone annoying for and calling through WhatsApp. And you don't want to keep its theme to contact you. And you don't wish to yo block all calls. Then these features for you. All you have to do is block a particular contact in a privacy setting using who can call you to feature. FM WhatsApp always provides impressive features.

Anti delete status:

Anti delete status one more great features is available in FM WhatsApp. WhatsApp was as known for story putting. If someone adds a story in status and delete the story, the story will despair for eavry one nobody can watch the story. But with the help of FM WhatsApp, you can watch the deleted story. Nobody can delete stories for you. You were able to watch deleted stories. 

Without forwarding tag:

Whenever you forward the message to your contact chat or group, the tag goes with the message like "Forwarded" this will be the disappointing point of WhatsApp. With the help of FM WhatsApp, you can forward a message without a forwarded tag without telling anyone. Now you able to forward messages like the original messages. You need to enable it manually through a privacy setting.


If you are tired of the standard WhatsApp layout, then you can change the various design. FM WhatsApp has a theme store where you can find multiple them. You can change different them, or you can upload your customized them in WhatsApp. You can also change the font of WhatsApp and icon. 

Separate section:

You know the problem chats and groups in the same section. If chats and group separate, how to help full for you. Dont worry, the developer made this thing easy for you. The developed version of FM Whatsapp provides you a different section for chats and groups. You don't need to scroll and find a contact.

File Information:

FilenameFM Whatsapp
File size57.13MB
latest versionV 11.5
supported versionAndroid V5  above
LanguageEnglish more

FM WhatsApp download:

Final Words:

This all thing about FM WhatsApp I hope you are able to download the given link. The thing is FM WhatsApp runs along with WhatsApp you can use two accounts at one time. We will keep updating the download link when the update is coming in the market bookmark our site for the latest update.