Now this day, WhatsApp becomes part of our life to communicate. This is a widely become famous use for communication sharing photos, videos, files. WhatsApp officials have limited features putting StatusStatus only 15 seconds, share restricted files.

If you are interested in using WhatsApp with some exciting features. Then this article for you. In this article, we are talking about GB Whatsapp. It is a redesign application that comes with extra features.

What is GB Whatsapp?

GB Whatsapp is a re-build application version of the official Whatsapp design by developers. It gives users lots of features that users can't get in official WhatsApp. There are many applications available in the market, but GBWA's favorite of everyone. Because of their Features.

Features of GB Whatsapp:

Privacy and Security:

Anti delete message:

This feature gives you the option to read the messages deleted by the sender. In the version of official WhatsApp, If the sender sends the message and then the sender deletes the message, the message will appear on the recipient. "This message was deleted" And the recipient will not be able to know what is the message sender sends. This problem you will never see in GB WhatsApp. If the sender deletes the message, The message will not be deleted from your chat. You can read the message like it's never deleted.

Anti delete Status:

Talk about Whatsapp, If someone of our freind posts a story in WhatsApp status and deletes the Story after posted, The Story also deleted from your WhatsApp, and you will not be able to see the Story of your freind. With the help of GB WhatsApp's, you can see the Story after deleted by your freind. Now you can access watch stories and Status. This also features available in Insta pro latest version.

Hide viewed Status:

As we know, you can access deleted stories and Status. This features similar but one of the more fantastic features of GB WhatsApp. This feature basically helps you to hide your name in the viewed status list. If one of your freind posts their Story, Many people watching the right. You can also watch the Story. Allow this feature. You can hide Your name is the list of viewed Status.

Hide last seen:

This feature available In all redesign of WhatsApp and Instagram. This features basically help you to Hide your last seen. You are online in WhatsApp and don't want to show you you're contacted to your online Status. You simply have to enable this feature and don't tell others about your online Status.

Disable forward:

Whenever You forward the message in chats or groups, You can see the tag and the message "Forwarded." This is something disturbing, and the message you sending doubtful for others. All you need to do simply enable the feature "Disable Forward" and forward the message without a tag. Dont tell others to the message is forwarded.

Show blue tick after reply:

This feature is loved by many of GB WhatsApp users. Allows you to go hidden entirely without even telling your friends that you are online and reading their messages but not replying to them. Sometimes we read the message and not able to reply because of some reason. Not responding to the revised message might be a problem for you. The application helps you to get out of this problem. You can simply enable this feature. The sender only sees a double tick on their chat. Bluetick enables when you reply to the message. This feature may be useful to those who always busy at work.

Hide delivered blue tick: 

This is the most awaited feature of WhatsApp users. But they not get any version of official WhatsApp. The developer added this feature to face many problems. When you receive the message, the sender wants not to know the message was delivered are not. The sender wants not able to know you read the message or not. Now you can read the message without telling the sender. Why are you waiting? Download GB WhatsApp Now.

Who can call you:

This is one of the most prime features that you can get in the official version of WhatsApp. This feature help to that person who getting many unwanted calls and doesn't know 'how to block the call.' If you are a person who receives unwanted call are harassing by someone. This feature helps you to block particular calls. You can bock a specific call by using the feature Who can call you.


Send photos in the best quality:

If you are using the WhatsApp official.  You know the problem of photo quality. If you send photos in your contact are receive, The images have not original quality blurred. This feature might be help full for all users to send pictures in initial quality. This feature also available in WhatsApp Plus and OG WhatsApp.

Increase send media:

You can increase your media [photos, videos] share limited, Using GBWA. WhatsApp official allows you to send media, but there have some limited You can not send more media [images, videos] at one time. But this application allows you to send more media it one time. 

Send Status in best quality:

You can also share your Story [Status] for more than 30 seconds up to 80mb. And you can send 'Status' Story in the best quality 100%.

Hide media from the gallery:

If you download any media from WhatsApp, The media will automatically save in your device gallery. If you don't want to keep in your gallery, You can enable the GBWA feature "Hide media from the gallery" this feature helps you hide your WhatsApp media [photos, videos, gif] from your device store.


Theme store:

The GBWA provides you the Theme store. On the theme store, you can find an endless theme. You can also apply in your WhatsApp and give a new look to your WhatsApp.

Diy Theme:

Diy Theme gives you the option to Design your customize the Theme and apply it to WhatsApp.

Color phone:

Using this feature, you can change the Incoming, Outgoing, call layout.

Additional Features:

  • Anti-ban application.
  • DND Mode
  • Dark Mode
  • Make a call to a non saved number.
  • Hide the chat profile.
  • Pin size Increased.
  • Animated stickers.
  • Locate your freind locations.

Technical Information:

NameGB WhatsApp
File Size43.5 MB
Last Update1 Day ago
Requirements Android V 5.5 or above.

GB WhatsApp download:

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the new version of GB WhatsApp?

  • The new version of GB Whatsapp was released on 10 Oct 2020 by HeyMod.
  • The size was 43.1 MB.
  • A Custom Launcher icon was added.
  • The Them store was Optimized.
  • The crashes were fixed.
  • The Apk size was optimzed.

How to switch WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp?

This is a very simple process and very important for WhatsApp users. They don't want to lose the WhatsApp data. You can simply back up your WhatsApp data before switching. WhatsApp automatically creates a backup every day on your google account. But you need to enable this manually by chat backup. Open WhatsApp in your device, Go to Setting>Chats> Chat backup. 

And next, Install GB WhatsApp before entering the mobile number. It asks you for backup are skip you can choose the backup option. And login in your WhatsApp.

Is there a virus in GB WhatsApp?

No, The developer's team promises there is no virus. And they also said that "GB WA Apk is scanned and passes by 58 virus scanner with 0 defects detected". So it has zero virus-safe to use download GBWA now.

Q. Is GB WhatsApp safe?

A. This app is based on the official WhatsApp Messenger app and uses the official WhatsApp server to send and receive messages. However, this app is WhatsApp Inc, the company behind the official WhatsApp app for Android. It has not been developed or published.

This app can be seen as a modified or modified third party app that replaces the official WhatsApp app that already exists for the Android operating system.

Q. GB WhatsApp can be Ban?

A. This is not an official version. WhatsApp banned their account who do some unusual activity like forwarding the message to many groups in one time, Uploading Status for more than 30 seconds. But the new version of GBWA, this problem has been fixed by the developers. You don't need to worry about that. If you wanna be safe from an account banned. Dont use GBWA extra features at one time.

Q. Can I get back up in GB WhatsApp?

A. Yes, As usual, like WhatsApp, you can get back up in GBWA also. 

Final Words:

As GB WhatsApp, You can't find in the Play Store. Because WhatsApp no allow anyone to re-build WhatsApp official. This application has been gained millions of users in a short time. Because WhatsApp has new unique amazing features. That attracts users to use this application. 


  1. The status setting is not perfect, it's not working better, so please solve that issue