OG WhatsApp pro the latest version 8.75 Anti-Ban Apk for android 2020.

WhatsApp is one of the incredibly famous applications. These are the first applications we install on our mobile. This is only one application that eavry mobile has. And we generally use WhatsApp for chatting and file sharing.

In this article, we are providing information regarding OG WhatsApp and highlight the features. Read the complete article to know about OG WhatsApp.

What Is OG WhatsApp pro?

OG WhatsApp is another redesign app of the official WhatsApp Messenger. Since it was released, it was become famously downloaded and installed by millions of users who were interested in the advanced features of OGWA. You can also give it a try on GB WhatsApp.

Features of OG WhatsApp.

Download status:

You like the uploaded status on WhatsApp by someone of your contact, and you want to download it. But you are unable to download status using official WhatsApp. This app has a pre-build feature that allows you to download status uploaded by your contact and friend. The downloaded status will be saved on your device, and you can use it later.

Preview media:

This is one more excellent feature of OGWA. This feature helps you to preview WhatsApp media before you download it to your device. We all know the problem of our storage will fill with WhatsApp photos and videos that we receive from our contact and friends. These features help you to save your storage, which means you don't need to download any media file anymore. Using OGWA, just preview the media before downloading it.

Status more than 30 seconds:

You have seen WhatsApp official not allow you to send WhatsApp status for more than 30 seconds in a single time as similarly, you cannot upload more than 50 images using. In this case, you can use this app, It helps you to status more than 30 seconds you can upload more pictures, and you can also write status in more characters.

Messege to non save number:

In WhatsApp official, if you want to message or call, you need to save their contact number compulsory in your device before making a message or call. But in the case of OGWA, you dont need to save the contact number. You can send messages or make calls to non save numbers.

Group name then 35 characters:

WhatsApp Special know for group chatting. We always love group chatting with our friends and family members. We spend a large time in a group chat. But when talking about the group name WhatsApp official can't provide us to set a group name more than 25 characters. OGWA prived you to set a group name m more than 35 characters. 

Send more images:

This is a very important feature of OGWA. Sometimes we need to send more images to anyone for any important work. But WhatsApp official has a limit of sending 10 images it one time, and we can't increase it. You need to send separate 10 images at a different time. But with the help of This app, you can send 100 images at one time without facing any issue.

Technical Information:

FilenameOG WhatsApp
File size48MB
Support VersionAndroid V5+
LanguageEnglish & more

Download OG WhatsApp:


Q. Is OG WhatsApp Is an official app?

A. This app is a redesign version of the official WhatsApp. Comes with advanced extra features. Since WhatsApp official cant providing an extra feature. Then many of the developers redesign WhatsApp for a better experience.

Q. Is OG WhatsApp is safe?

A. OGWA is a third-party developed application but it's safe to install and use. Since it developed, users have not faced any major issues many of the users using OGWA.

Q. I need to root my device to use OG WhatsApp?

A. You don't need to root your device to install This app. This application does not require rooting. OGWA, as the same as official WhatsApp.

Q. OG WhatsApp is free?

A. This app is completely free, like official WhatsApp. You don't need to pay for using OGWA. There are no hidden charges. It is free of cost available on google.

Final words:

OG WhatsApp is a wonderful application that provides you various advanced features that can't find in the official app. But this is not an official version, but better than the official version. You can unlock many of the features that we mention in this article.