WhatsApp is one of the great messaging service social media applications. We use WhatsApp for a long time we can't move on with WhatsApp. Because we use WhatsApp for communication be it text messages photos and video sharing.

WhatsApp developer regularly updates their application by adding new features, But they can't provide us some extra features like hiding blue tick, Customize them, Lock app, and conversion. All features are available in FM WhatsApp. This article will tell you about FM WhatsApp.

What is YO WhatsApp:

This app has been launched by Yousuf al basha in recently. YO WhatsApp knows for better expression and advanced features. This app is a redesign version of the official WhatsApp. This app is also called YOWA. The developer keeps updating the application when the official WhatsApp update comes on Playstore.

Features of YO WhatsApp:

Privacy features:

Freeze Last Seen:

You can freeze your last seen. Your contact will not able to see your last seen.

Hide viewed Status:

Using these features you can hide the viewed status of WhatsApp contact. You contact not able to your name in the list of viewed status it will hide from his list. But still, you can able to see their status.

Who can call you:

In the official WhatsApp, you cant get. But In this app, You can able to block the incoming call of your particular contact like your friend. If your block contract if make a call you the call will be hangup before reaching.

Anti delete status:

Some of your friends put their story and deleted it you can't able to see the status. But the help of YOWA if someone deleted the story the Anti delete status helps you to watch the deleted stories.

Anti delete message:

On WhatsApp, we chat with our freind during the chatting our freind deleted some messages and we can't able to see the message. But the help of YOWA, Anti delete message helps us to read the deleted message.

Show blue tick after reply:

If someone messages you and you read the message the blue tick appears on the sender chat screen.  And you don't want to show a blue tick until you reply. These features might help you to hide the blue tick If you read the message.

More features will be added as soon...

YO WhatsApp Download:


Q. Is YO WhatsApp is safe?

A. Yes, This is not an official version but if you are not a celebrating and not using for Bussines's purpose then definitely you can use YOWA it is completely safe.

Q. How to get the update of YO WhatsApp?

A. YOWA is an alternative version of the official WhatsApp. You can not find the YOWA in the Play Store. If you want an update you need to do visit our website gbwhatsappdownload.com or bookmark our site. 

Final Words:

YO WhatsApp provides you with tons of features that look cool. Official WhatsApp also provides you features but not cool to use. Why you use the official app that not provides you any cool features. You can also prefer to GB WhatsApp, OG WhatsApp which currently rocking on market.