These days social media has become part of our life. We spend lots of time on social media. Instagram also a part of social media. 

If we like to chat with our friends, we use Instagram. If you don't have friends, you can also make friends on Instagram, you can simply message an unknown person and make friends.

 Instagram has a huge user. Instagram allows you to share images. Videos, stories with your friends. In this article, we are talking about Instagram plus, a redesign of the official Instagram.

What Is Instagram plus?

Instagram plus is another version of the official Instagram. Users use Instagram to share images, stories, videos, with their followers. Instagram is a better way to connect with your friends. There is some lack of using Instagram officials. That why developers made a redesign version of the Instagram called Instagram. There is many redesign application available like GB Instagram, Instagram pro, but Instagram plus is the best version of the applications. That gives you a better expression than the official version. Features of the Instagram plus are described in the below section.

Features Of Instagram Plus: 

  • Followers indicated.
  • You can use multiple Instagram accounts.
  • You can zoom any photos.
  • The newest version of Instagram plus comes with an anti-ban.
  • You can change multiple themes and front.
  • You can download any audio from Instagram without any problem.

Additional features of Instagram plus.

Download media:

Official Instagram did not allow you to download photos, videos on your device. That way, the developer made Instagram plus. Instagram plus will enable you to download pictures on your device. That why redesign applications going become papuler.

Download stories:

No doubt who has downloaded Instagram plus, and they are using Instagram plus that they can avail to download Instagram stories. This is a fantastic feature of Instagram plus comes with a story downloading option. This is a meaningful reason why people like to download Instagram plus. You can easily do

Copy bios:

If you want to copy someone's bios, but you are unable to do using Instagram official. But if you use Instagram plus you can easily copy bios without facing any issue. You can copy bios use it in your account.

Download live stream: 

On official Instagram, you can only watch live streams, but you will not able to download. But in the Redesign version of the Instagram Plus, You can download a live stream after you complete the watching. By following the simple step, you can easily save a live stream on your device.

Zoom profile:

On Instagram, You cannot see anyone profile pictures (DP) in full size if that person is your follower are not. When talking about Instagram plus which is designed by the developer allows you to zoom the profile picture that you can't do in the official version.

By using Instagram plus you can easily zoom profile picture by long pressing on respective profile, and you can also avail to download the profile picture.

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Insta Plus Download:

Final words:

Instagram plus is one of the most popular redesign applications with the most amazingly exciting features not available on official Instagram. That why this app becomes a downloaded application. This application is not available in the Play store you need to download from google. You can also download from our website for regular updates follow us are bookmark our web page and come back for updates.