Instagram widely famous application. Use to share pictures and videos on social media. And it allows uploading photos with filters. If you are using Instagram sharing images, but there are some limitations on official Instagram. You can't download media from Instagram. In this article, giving a look at the Instagram pro, which is a best-redesign version of the official Instagram. That helps you to download media, hide online status, and many more.

What is Instagram pro?

Instagram pro is a best-redesign version of the official Instagram. It provides you with many features that you can't get in the official version of Instagram. It's come with an anti-ban easy to use and completely free.

Features of the Instagram pro:

There are lots of features available in Insta pro apk 2020. Many users dont know what that is that how they can use it. In this features section of the article, you will know what are how to use.

Copy bios:

If you like someone bios on Instagram, you need to write that bio somewhere and then write again in your profile bio. With the help of Insta pro 2, you can easily copy anyone's bios in one click.

User interface:

There is the same interface as Instagram. You don't need to worry about that. You can get different themes and front. You can easily update the app in one click.

Multiple accounts:

When using Instagram official, you need to switch accounts you need to logout first account and log in. But the newest version of the Insta pro apk 2020 allows you to manage multiple accounts in one click. You don't need to log in again. And don't need to install other applications to manage your account. You can simply switch and post pictures and videos.

Copy comment:

The Instagram official does not allow you to copy anyone's comment. But using an Instagram pro, you can simply copy anyone comment tap on any comments, and you successfully copied the comment.

Download Media:

On Instagram, we like many pictures and videos, but we can't get it. But with the help of the redesign application Insta pro, you can simply download photos and videos In only simple steps.


The newest version of Insta pro latest version comes with Anti-Ban. Using the latest version, your account wants not to get a ban. You can download and enjoy the application.

Zoom profile:

One of the main drawbacks of Instagram is that you can't zoom the profile of your friends. You need to download other applications to zoom profile. But with the help of Insta pro, you can easily zoom profile.

Share Url:

If you like any post, you want to share it with your friends. You can simply copy the post Url share with your friends.

Lock Instagram:

If you need to lock your Instagram app, you need to use other applications. But Insta pro gives you a lock option. You can simply lock Instagram with a pin code.

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Insta pro latest version 2020 features make you crazy about using their app. Once you use it, you don't wanna turn back to the official app. Because of their unique features like download media, hide online status, zoom profile, and more. This app design for extra features; this app is entirely free and safe. You don't need to worry about that. Surprise your buddies by using this app.