Instagram is the most popular social media platform used by millions of users. Now a day, it is a trend to capture pictures and videos and post on social media. Instagram is a mostly photos video sharing platform. Users share their pictures and videos with their audience. Instagram Ultra, same as Instagram, both platforms have the same similarities, and they have the same limitations. Instagram ultra is added some additional features people like to use its app. In this article, we are providing information regarding Instagram Ultra.

What is Insta ultra?

Insta ultra in a redesign version of the official  Instagram design by a third party designer. Insta ultra has extra features that give you the better expression you can't get in the official version. Using Insta Ultra, you can share pictures, videos, and stories, and you can also avail to download pictures, videos, and stories.

Features of Ista ultra:

Customize themes:

The Insta Ultra offers you to change the theme of Instagram. There are many themes available in the Theme Store. You can easily apply the theme to your Instagram. You can daily use a new interface.

Download option:

On Instagram, we like someone's images, videos, and stories, but we cant save on our device. Insta ultra allows you to download pictures, videos, and stories, and you can easily keep in your device in one click.

Copy Bio:

One more feature of the Instagram Ultra, you can easily copy anyone bios that you like. And past in your bio without telling them. 

Hide Option:

Instagram Ultra offers you to hide your name in the story, In case you copy someone's story and don't want to tell that you copy their story you can easily do that and hide their name. You can also hide your online status like GB WhatsApp.

Automatically Audio:

Another great feature of Instagram Ultra you can avail to set automatically play audio. This offer you can't get in the official version of the Instagram you need to click on the play button.

Hide typing status:

Using these features, you can hide your typing status in DM. Your contact doesn't know you are typing.

Hide view status:

These features are similar to GB WhatsApp. On Instagram official, you like to watch some stories, but we can't hide view status. On Instagram Ultra, you can hide view status. Don't tell them you viewed their stories.

Zoom profile:

Using These feature, you can zoom any one profile without any issue.

Marking the message:

On official Instagram, you can't mark the message. But on Instagram ultra, you can easily mark the message and use it later.

Dual accounts:

The official app allows you to use only to account. But this app will enable you to use two accounts. You can use personal and business accounts at one time.


You can customize anything you can choose various themes and front and dark mode this app is entirely in you under control.

File Information:


Insta Ultra

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Android V5








Download Official Insta Ultra:

Final Word:

This is a redesign application of the official version. With some advanced features. The downloaders of Insta ultra not faced any major problems. You can also download give it a try of Insta Ultra. You can't find this app in the play store. You need to download from our website for the latest update you can simply bookmark our site and download the update when the update is available.