We all love to use WhatsApp modified versions. Today we are bringing another modified AZ WhatsApp developed by Ali Al-Zaabi. This app comes with surprising features. You can run dual WhatsApp along with AZWA. The latest version of AZWA available to download. You can give It a try to Ali Al-Zaabi developed features.

About AZ WhatsApp:

AZ WhatsApp is another re-design application version of WhatsApp. Ali Al-Zabi modified this application from WhatsApp plus. The AZ WhatsApp comes with new extra features. So you can enjoy many awesome features of AZWA. Another modified app has similar features Aero WhatsApp which based on Foud WhatsApp.

Features Of AZ WhatsApp:

Theme store:

It's time to change on your WhatsApp user interface. If you are bored with the green interface, These features allow you to change the theme of your WhatsApp. There are unlimited themes are available to applicants with a single click. You simply have to download AZWA, you can see a theme option it helps you to change the theme at any time. 


Emojis are very important for a chat we all use emojis in during chat. AZ WhatsApp comes with many various emojis. you don't need to go anywhere and don't need to install other apps. You can send many cool emojis to your contact.

App lock:

AZWA has a default app lock feature. This allows you to protect your chat with a password, pin, fingerprint lock. Using app lock you can avoid misuse of your account. Set app lock to you AZWA protects your chat. You can set a password that protects your data from others.

Chat lock:

You can also set a password to your particular conversations by applying a lock on chat. You can also hide any conversation from the home screen. Protect your chat no one can interface in your chat.

Pin Chat:

You have been used pin chat in your WhatsApp. WhatsApp allows you to pin up to 5 chats only. AZ WhatsApp allows us to pin up to 1000 chats. It helps you to find chats quickly.

Send message anyone:

WhatsApp not allow you to send a message to a number. You can send a message to anyone using a number without the need to save. AZWA, Help you to send a message to a number in a quick situation.

Send large file:

Whatsapp not allow you to send files up to 100. AZ WhatsApp allows you to send up to 1 GB.

Call block:

By using the advance feature 'call blocking' of AZWA You can block a specific contact call. Now, this feature is fully in your under control.

HD quality images:

Now share the images with your chats without losing original quality. On Whatsapp, you will lose the quality of the image. Whatever In AZWA will ask you when you're sharing an image 'send original image' you can send.

Technical Information:

NameAZ WhatsApp
File Size36 MB
VersionV 10.5
LanguageEnglish and more
Requirements Android v5.5  above.
DeveloperAli Al-Zaidi 

AZ WhatsApp Download:

Final Words:

This I based on the latest version developed by ALI Al-Zaabi. It is a very awesome modified app. Download it give access to customize them and other features. If you looking for a modified app that has had useful features then download it. Also check for GB WhatsApp.