WhatsApp is the best conversation application, It has worldwide users. After WhatsApp becomes famous many of the developers pay attention to modify the app. They provide features to users that not present in WhatsApp official.

When a modified app becomes famous many of the developers Working on providing the best-modified app. In this article, we are providing information regarding Fouad WhatsApp. 

About Fouad WhatsApp:

Fouad Whatsapp Is one more modified version of official WhatsApp, It has lots of features like GB WhatsApp.  The Fouad WA clone of GB WhatsApp. Fouad was developed by Fouad Moddak. He was added many customizations, privacy,. features in this app.

Features Of Fouad WhatsApp:
Home Screen:

In the header, you can change the home screen UI style. That gives you a new lock for WhatsApp. I will especially use the 'Basic tab style' 'Bubble tap style'. Apply these features to enjoy the new UI 

Instagram is the most papular app used by millions of users. Fouad WhatsApp gives you the option to change WhatsApp stories like Instagram.

Groups separate with chats:
Every WhatsApp user has at least one group and more. WhatsApp official mixed chats with groups. That was disturbing you to find a chat. Fouad Maddak added the feature that allows you to separate your chats section with groups. The status section replaces with groups.

Show your name on the home screen:
On the home screen, you can see the name of WhatsApp appear on Top. You can replace the name WhatsApp with your name.

Hide symbols:
On the home screen the nigh mode, DND mode symbols are visible you hide the symbols from the home screen by using this feature.

You can change unread text color/unread message color/change the color of chat, calls, status.
You can change the Home screen style with different stock available styles.

Swipe row allows you to swipe any chat row left to right for quick action.
Increase decrease size of text and home screen size.

main screen:
Change the color of the whole main screen.
Change the contact name color.
Change the background color of the unread messages.
Change the text color of the unread message.
Change the color of online/offline chats.
Change the last seen color.
Remove the chats online, last seen from the home screen.
You can set a line between the chats.

Every day our contact puts stories on WhatsApp and we love to watch it. In the status section, you can do many customizations. 
You can change the color of the background screen.
You can change the color of the viewed status.
Change the color of contact in stories.
Put your status story up to 5 min.

Privacy and security:

You can hide your last seen.
You can resend the forward message without a tag.
you can disable a particular incoming call.
Hide your name on the views status list.
Enable anti-delete status nobody can delete the message for you.
Enable anti delete status, you can view deleted status.
Enable the feature to show a blue tick when you reply.
Apply the lock on WhatsApp with recovery question, And apply wallpaper on the lock screen.

Conversion screen:

Action bar:
Change the color of the action bar.
Hide contact profile picture from the header conversation screen.
Hide the name of the contact person you're talking to.
Hide the call button from the conversation screen action bar.
You can remove the contact status from under the header of the conversation.
Change the style of the header in the conversation screen.

Bubble and ticks: 
Choose the tick style from available stock ticks.
Choose your chat bubble style.
Change the color of right and left bubble text, time color, deleted message color.

Show contact pick on every message chats and groups.
Show your pick for every message chats and groups.
Show pick on the first message, last message, or all message.

Conversation entry style:
Choose the conversation screen bottom style and change the background color.
Change the emojis color at the bottom of the conversation.
Change the color of the mic and send a button.
Change the text color in the conversation box.

More options:
Set custom wallpaper for each contact.
Set profile pic as wallpaper.
While copying the message hide date and time.
Enable Disable proximity sensor while playing voice notes.
Hide frequent contact in the forwarding section.
Hide recent chat from the forwarding section.


Find more emojis variant.
Change the font style.
Change notification icon that appears on the status bar.
Hide your media from gallery photos/videos/gifs.
Backup your WhatsApp data, Restore data and chat backup.

Universal setting:
Enable every chat open will become like a card.
Hide the audio playing notification from the top of the device.
Increase the message forward limit, You can forward messages up to 250 chats.
You can enable always online, your WhatsApp status will be shown always online.
Send more images by increasing the limit, And send photo full resolution.

Fouad WhatsApp Download:


How to download Fouad WhatsApp?

Open your device.
Connect with the Internet.
Open the browser on your device.
Open google.com.
Search for Fouad WhatsApp on google.
Google shows your result regarding the query.
Open any page to download the app.
Download the application.
Or download from our website we will provide you latest versions regularly.

How to install Fouad WhatsApp.

Many users don't know how to install the process and backup data of WhatsApp. Before installation backup your old Whatsapp data in your file.
After you download the application from Google.
Before installation allows unknown source install.
Find the application in your file manager.
Open the app file and click on the install.
It takes a few moments to install.
After installation backup your data.
And verify your number.
Now you have a new app to use.

Is Fouad WhatsApp safe to use?

The Fouad Is safe to use. Developers use WhatsApp's official source to modify the app looks like WhatsApp. Fouad WhatsApp still uses an official app source to upgrade the app. Malware is the best virus scanner. This app passed the malware test found zero viruses.

Is Fouad WhatsApp will ban?

When the official app latest version available on the play store. The developer modified the version into Fouad. And the latest version of Fouad comes with an anti-ban. You can use the app without getting a ban. This is not the official version that why use fewer features at one time.

How to update Fouad WhatsApp?

Since the modified version not available on the play store. Users dont know how to update the app. If you want to update bookmark our site or update the app through setting you can find the update option in the setting.

Is Fouad WhatsApp available for iOS?

Sorry, Now Fouad is not available for iOS? You can download The GB WhatsApp latest version for iOS.

Final Words:

We hope you all know about Fouad WhatsApp latest version. Now download the Fouad WA app and install it on your device. Use all available features we because in the above section. This app is completely free to use dont pay to anyone. You can free download from google. Also check for GB WhatsApp, Insta pro.