WhatsApp is an outstanding chat and instant messaging app, the most popular messaging software in the world with approximately 2 billion active users worldwide.

WhatsApp provides users many features. But still have some limitations. The app does not provide you to download status, Hide options, and customizations. That why people search for NS WhatsApp, This app comes with extra features that you can't get in WhatsApp. 

What is NS WhatsApp?

NS WhatsApp is the most famous application. Wich has amazing features and an easy user interface. There are tons of alternatives available in the market over the past years. But this app is very popular. Here, You can access many features that you can get in official WhatsApp. This app comes with a new 3D Edition that gives you a new unique interface. That why it's become famous and liked by many users.


NSWA offers much better features than WhatsApp. After using you will ba a enjoy the features of this app. Let's have look over the features of this app.

New 3D look:

This application is famous for the new 3D look. If you never use it before. Enjoy the New graphic look in your WhatsApp free of cost.

Auto reply:

NSWA provides you to schedule your message very easily. Sometimes we forget to reply to contact are wish to anyone. Just you have to do select the date and time of the sending message. After adding the details the app automatically sends a message to the selected contact. This feature helpful for business users. Also, useful for birthday wishes.


IN NS WhatsApp you can upload up to 7 minutes of video status. You don't need to split your video into 30 seconds. You can easily upload videos without a split.

Conversation card: 

This Is one more amazing feature of NSWA. Every chat you open becomes a card.

Lock Conversation:

If you want to lock any private conversation. Using NSWA you can able to lock particular conversions by playing password, pattern, or fingerprint. Nobody can access your personal chat.

Send more files:

The original app has a limitation of file sharing. The app does not allow you to shares files more than 20 MB. But NSWA 3D, allows you to share up to 300 MB of file audio file and up to 1 GB of video file.

  • Allow you to change the Icon of WhatsApp.
  • Allow you to change them and the front.
  • Allow you to change to Dark mode.
  • Allow you to send more pictures at one time.
  • Allow you to change the language.
  • Allow you to download the status.
  • Allow you to change the color of the double tick.
  • Allow you to add new emojis and stickers.
  • Allow you to set an auto-answer.
  • Allow you to Hide online status.
  • Allow you to Hide blue tick double tick.

File Information:

NameNS WhatsApp
File Size35MB
Last Update2 Day ago
Requirements Android V 5.5 or above.
Category Social

NS WhatsApp download:

You can also try BlueWhatsApp. Download


Can NS WhatsApp will be ban?

Using most of WhatsApp re-design apps leads to a ban on your account. But NSWA especially customizing that not violating the official WhatsApp policies. You will not able to ban using this app. It was good for you to use fewer features of this app at one time.

Can I use NS WhatsApp And WhatsApp official on one device?

Yes, You can use both apps on one device using a different mobile number. Because it is impossible to use the same number on both apps at one time. You can able to use NS WhatsApp latest along with WhatsApp using different mobile numbers.

Is NS WhatsApp is safe to use?

Yes, It is a re-design app but it is safe from viruses. The app was tested by 58 virus scanner no virus was detected. You can use this app without worry. we provide a virus-free app on our web site.

How to download and update  NS WhatsApp?

This app is not present in the Play Store. You need to download it from google.
You can also download the latest version from our web. We will provide you latest version regularly.

Can I use NS WhatsApp on iOS?
This app is specially designed for Android users. There is very little chance to Install on iOS. You can try WhatsApp plus which be suitable for iOS.


This is one of the most loved apps by users for the 3D edition. This app has such amazing features that not available in other apps. Download the app giving link and install enjoy the features of NS WhatsApp. If you facing any trouble download GB WhatsApp,  OG WhatsApp